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A sprouting oasis in the ‘hood

September 14, 2009
Calendula is used for insect bites and wounds.

Calendula is used for insect bites and wounds.

About  a week and a half ago, I looked out the front window of our apartment and saw the community garden across the street alive with activity. Saturday mornings don’t get much more adorable than watching little kids run around with watering cans feeding plants. When you can watch this from 5 stories above ground, the birds eye view is quite pleasant.

I had been dying to know who was the driving force behind the garden for some time. That, coupled with the fact that Bram and I had been talking about starting to compost, inspired me to go say hello. I wanted to know if they would like some of our compost if we had enough. It turns out the Girard Street garden is the largest project of in DC. I had the pleasure of attending their Labor Day potluck as well, and took a tour around the garden. Besides your standard tomatoes, squash, basil, grapevines, gourds, etc. they also had a large variety of herbs. Hand painted signs were posted near the herbs stating their healing quality. When was the last time you saw calendula in your community garden?

I’m really excited to see how this garden progresses. I’m even more excited for our first batch of compost to be ready, but more on my mini-obsession with composting later.

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