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2011 – A Time for Change

February 2, 2011

2011 is surely going to be a year of great change for me. It is a most welcomed change, and right now, in February, somewhat intimidating. The biggest and best change is my move to Amsterdam, which will be in June 2011. Yes, it is official! I am moving. The decision was made last July to move, with the tentative schedule around May/June of this year. And here we are, 2011. I’ll write more about the move later.

Other changes? Not only am I moving TO Amsterdam, I will be moving FROM Washington, DC. That is a huge adjustment, considering it is a place I have lived for 10 years, the city I became an adult in, the place I consider my home, the city where I fell in love, started my career, discovered most of who I know I am today. Big change.

I’m training for a half-ironman….that is not a huge change from last year, when I did the Olympic races, but a half-ironman is a different level of commitment than an Olympic. More on all of this later!

Career-wise, there will also be changes as I explore opportunities in Amsterdam and continue to help Ashoka launch healthpoints in different countries.

Raising a glass to change!….

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