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Be thankful for what you wish for

March 16, 2011

Ta-da! So there it is, yesterday I bought a one-way ticket from DC to Amsterdam for June 16, 2011. I can’t believe that in exactly 3 months, I will be sitting in a plane over the Atlantic Ocean. The bed I am sitting on will have been sold to someone on craigslist, I will have survived multiple going away parties (if I have anything to do with it!) and B and I will be flying over the ocean together to start our new lives together. If someone told me three years ago that I would be moving to Amsterdam, I would not have believed it. I was just finishing my first year of grad school and thinking that post-graduation I’d be living in some far-off land in either India or a country in Africa. 3 years ago I didn’t even know B yet and Europe was not on my list of must-live places. Two years ago, B was just about to move in with me in DC. I was the one talking about leaving DC asap and he was the one hoping to staying in the US for a bit longer. One year ago, we were broken up, he was living in a room in Mt. Pleasant and I was preparing to go to India for a month for work. The future was so unclear, confusing, and my emotional life at the time was pretty miserable. And today here I am moving to Europe for love. Who would have thought?! But it not only the move that is significant here. In some ways the reason and catalyst for the move is even more important.

I remember when I was first thinking of moving to A’dam with B last summer I was very confused and hesitant. I was caught up in the idea of what it meant to be a young, successful, independent, ambitious woman and the thought of being ‘that girl’ that ‘follows a guy’ was not my cup of tea. I specifically remember sitting on the porch with friends from work, drinking a beer and enjoying DC summer. One friend questioned my hesitation and made the point that if anything is worth moving for, it is love. Careers are easy to move for. But taking a risk and putting faith in something and in someone that is as intangible and as powerful as love — that is pretty amazing.

I listened to that friend and over the past year, what is even more exciting than the move is the place that B and I are in life. It is really remarkable to me that I am about to embark on a journey I have been wishing for for so long (I’ve been wanting to move from DC for the past few years) but looks like nothing I could have imagined at the time. It looks better.

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