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Exciting Dutch Innovations

March 16, 2011

One of my favorite websites of all-time is . If you are ever in need of inspiration, definitely check them out. The site offers a friendly reminder that there are tons of creative and entrepreneurial activities starting-up every day around the world. It is true that not all of them, and probably not even half of them, provide social value. Many, in fact, tend to get people to buy or consume more, albeit in fun, new ways. Besides the content, I love that Springwise was started by a Dutch guy, too (woo hoo!), simply because I am moving there. Though the new Director is based in the UK, I promise that the previous Director was based in Amsterdam as well. (I am trying to build a case here!)

Recently, I have seen two exciting ideas from the Netherlands that were featured on Springwise:

Bolefloor is a company that provides wood flooring that follows the natural shape of the tree in order to save on wood and alos make beautiful and creative flooring. Basically, I want this in my dream home.

2theloo is a chain of always clean restroom shops based in Amsterdam. The idea of a needed service (good bye disgusting Starbucks and McDonald’s bathrooms) offered for a small price, in an urban area, that provides additional public space is something I could very much get behind. I am really looking forward to checking this out.

More to come!

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