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Waste Supply (chain) – BTTR Ventures

March 25, 2011

At work the other day I came across this interesting company, that am very excited for. BTTR Ventures (pronounced ‘better’ and stands for ‘Back to the Roots’) is a social start-up that is hitting on two growing interests (in the US). 1) the do-it-yourself culture, more specifically, the do-your-own growing culture. There has been a big rise in urban gardening, window farming, and I’ve seen many of the grow-your-own-herb kits given out over the holidays. BTTR is focusing on mushrooms and what home-cook wouldn’t want to grow their own mushrooms? At first glance of their website, you think BTTR is all about these home mushroom kits. Dig a little deeper and BAM! you are wrong. There is so much more going on with this company. Which brings us to point 2) waste reduction. That is the other niche this team is focusing on.

BTTR collects used coffee grounds from coffee cafes like Pete’s on the West Coast, brings them to a wharehouse, stabilizes the grounds and then grows bulk mushrooms. Then, they sell these mushrooms to Whole Foods for their produce department. The home kits are another part of their business, but it doesn’t look like it is the main source of revenue.

Why do I think this idea so much? These guys have created partnerships (of some sort, not sure what the nature of them is) with major companies like Pete’s and WholeFoods and have embedded themselves in the supply chain to add-value in both waste-reduction and produce supply. They also offer me the opportunity to grow my own mushrooms using old grounds (not my own, the kits come with the grounds themselves).

So there is a lot going on, and as BTTR expands their product line, there will be more. This is the type of innovation that is needed to shift the mindset around waste and its value.

And now I am hungry.

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  1. April 11, 2011 12:12 PM

    Hey Chloe..thanks for the support – we really appreciate it! If you’d like to try a kit out yourself, please use code bttr202011 and get 20% off! Let us know if you’re ever around Oakland too – would love to offer you a tour of our urban mushroom farm!



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