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ParkPop Music Festival

June 28, 2011

Sunday, we slept in and woke up with two goals for the day: get Chloe a pair of shoes and go to Den Haag for a free music festival. Buying shoes may not be anything to write home about unless you are me and were expecting a hot, sunny summer suitable for sandals and open toed shoes all of the time, but found a cooler, rainier summer calling for close-toed sneakers or flats. Add to that having abnormally large feet and you have task ahead of you. Luckily, at the puma store we found a cute pair of grey flat with a bright pink puma swish that were half off! and in my size!! I think today was the fastest I have ever been able to purchase a pair shoes. Hooray.

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Then we headed to Den Haag for the ParkPop Music Festival where we were just in time to see Staff Benda Bilili and they were great! I realized that at these festivals, the vibe seems to be more about the culture and for bringing people together than the music per se. Many people had blankets, were picnicing and enjoying the (beautiful!) weather we were having. There were crowds by the stages, but more people were enjoying the festival than running around seeing all the bands. It was great to see resources and time and space devoted to music and culture. This festival is the biggest free festival in Europe and last year there were about 250,000 people there! I’d day over the course of 11 hours today, they probably had just as many if not more.

There was also a hip hop area in addition to the two music stages. We say a youth breakdancing competition, graffiti areas and breakdancing workshops that were taking place. It was an awesome day. At the end of this weekend, I’m feeling like the first week in Amsterdam (and Paris) has been fantastic and I honestly couldn’t be happier 🙂

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