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July 22, 2011

Hello hello!

I am way overdue for about 3-5 posts, there is so much to say! Unfortunately, I’m just not going to kid myself on uploading photos, and writing a bunch this weekend. So, this is just a quick teaser for the readers out there…

In the past two weeks:

– (weekend of July 9) we went to Bram’s parents place in Beerze for some serious triathlon training and time with the family. We swam in the river (2400m one day, 1900m the next), ran, and biked about 60km around the area.
– I joined The Hub Amsterdam and can work from this coworking space 50 hours per month, which is great! (I am there now). It allows me to meet new people, work in a very inspiring environment, and not go crazy talking to myself in the apartment. Already my work productivity has skyrocketed and I have made some nice connections.
– Bram and I stopped drinking alcohol about 3 weeks ago to prepare for the triathlon. Just that one change has really made me feel great, and healthy.
– My mom was in town last weekend! She came in on Friday night and the weather was actually beautiful. She, Bram, his sister Marieke, and I all went to dinner. I saw Marieke today briefly and she said how great my mom is (obviously!). It rained almost the entire weekend after that, but it didn’t stop my mom and I from going wedding dress shopping! It was super fun and a great mother-daughter experience.
– Bram and I found the house we want to live in. When I say house, I mean apartment, fyi. It is really wonderful and we are keeping our fingers crossed everything comes together. We put a bid in last Friday and have spent the week negotiating…they come down, we go up, they come down, we go up. So….send some positive energy our way…!
– I started Dutch lessons at Dutch Courses Amsterdam. It is a small class, only 5 of us, and takes place 2x per week, 2hrs per session. I like it a lot, and am surprised at how much I actually know already. I think Rosetta Stone definitely gave me a good base and having Bram to practice with is a huge bonus.
– This afternoon, Bram and I are taking the train to Antwerp because Sunday is THE DAY…! On Sunday, we’ll be swimming 1900m, biking 90km (56miles), and running 20km (13.2 miles). I am least excited about the run. Who would have thought I would ever look forward to swimming over running? I’m a combo of nervous + excited. I’m not 100% prepared training-wise, but I plan on enjoying myself and also enjoying Antwerp! In addition to all of the shopping they talk about in that <— article, can you say ‘Belgian fries’, ‘Belgian Waffles’, Belgian Beer’? I can!
– Last but not least, today I ordered a croissant and a broodje (small sandwich) entirely in Dutch, not one word of English was spoken between myself or the shop keeper. Success! Of course, it wasn’t the most complex conversation on earth, but progress is progress.

The fact that all of the above (and more) is happening all at the same time can be a bit overwhelming and stressful for Bram and I. We are traveling through a zillion uncharted territories at once. Having a moment to reflect on it all, however, makes me super happy and thankful we are even afforded these opportunities. Thank you, universe!

I’ll be sure to write more, with photos, soon. Tot zeins!

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  1. Carlyn permalink
    July 22, 2011 12:35 PM

    Wow! Chloe sounds like an amazing, exciting, and adventurous time in your life right now! Continue the posts! I am almost done with my 4 1/2 month stint here in India and look forward to the move to Berkeley!

    • Chloe permalink*
      August 1, 2011 4:23 AM

      Carlyn, great to hear from you! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in India. Such an amazing country. Will you be flying through Amsterdam at all? I would if I were you 🙂

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