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Gay Pride in Amsterdam (and other weekend happenings)

August 8, 2011

This weekend marked the end of the Amsterdam Gay Pride week that takes place from July 31 – Aug 7 and I was able to catch a few of the events. On Friday night, the three other women in my Dutch language class met at the Drag Queen Olympics, which took place in an open square next to the Wester Church. I missed the games since I had to work a bit later that evening, but made it out to enjoy the celebration, music, and dancing that came after. It was a great atmosphere and I loved the fact that music was playing so loud in the middle of a highly residential area, and people were just having a great time. (The photos are great, since I was using my phone and lighting was off)

The stage

In the crowd

The crowd

Friends from language class

On Saturday, Bram and I stopped by the Gay Parade, which is a parade of boats on the Prinzengracht to the Amstel river. For most of the day the weather was dry and sunny, so the crowds were large and very colorful. We didn’t stay all day, but definitely saw a few great boats.

Crowds waiting for the parade to start

The boats arrive!

It eventually started raining

‘Ik ben OUT’ means ‘I am OUT’ and the theme for the parade was ‘celebrate’.

“Proud to Serve” — the Dutch military boat. Strikingly different than ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.


After spending a bit of time at the parade, we head over to Amsterdam-Noord (where we were last weekend for the hip hop festival) to take a look at some second-hand furniture stores. Bram and I are beginning to think about what to get for our new apartment so that we can budget and also take the time to find items that are not ridiculously expensive (it is very easy to find ridiculously expensive furniture in this city!). We didn’t buy a single thing all weekend, but feel much better about the look and feel we’ll create overtime and are pretty confident we can do things on a budget (we’ve already found a great place to the north of the country, that has tables for way less than in Amsterdam, for a very similar style!).

On the boat to Amsterdam Noord.

This second-hand / vintage furniture warehouse. This may be my favorite store on earth.

We were like kids in a candy store 🙂

For more information on Amsterdam Gay Pride, visit and for links to second-hand/vintage in Amsterdam, this guy has a great post:


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