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Random: Bikes in A’dam

September 11, 2011

While I was writing about a bike trip Bram and I went on yesterday, I realized I have a bunch of photos on his camera, and since it is 1am, I am feeling too lazy to retrieve them. Instead, here is a random post with some recent photos I have taken in Amsterdam that are bike-related!

They are doing a ton of construction around the corner from our current apartment. The right-lanes and side walks are completely torn up for 5 blocks or so. Last weekend, walking to the grocery store to get some eggs, I noticed this pink bike, hoisted up on a pole by a piece of wire. You can barely see it, but there is a beige bike lock that is locking the bike to the pole. I guess the owner didn’t move it in time before construction began and I am assuming the construction workers just lifted it up to get it out of their way. I laughed when I saw this. I love a) that the bike is pink and b) they didn’t cut off the lock throw the bike elsewhere. I haven’t seen the bike this week, so am assuming the owner took it town from its perch.

Last weekend, Bram and I along with Rutger, went on a picnic in Vondel Park. Bram and I had our bikes but Rutger was on foot. He hopped on the back of Bram’s bike, and when he started reading the newspaper as we biked along, I couldn’t help but snap a photo. I love it!

I didn’t take this photo, or write on it, but this is an image you see in Amsterdam all the time. Not only do you see buckets full of one, two, or three kids being pushed by their parents, sometimes you’ll see bikes outfit with seats to hold three kids. One in the front, one in the middle or, two in the back. Yesterday, I saw a woman on a motorbike (think Vespa) with two young girls in front of her and three behind her….all on one bike. I think its crazy but its really the norm.

Yesterday, Bram and I went on a bike ride to the north of Amsterdam (more on that later) and I snapped this photo as we rode by a wind turbine. Bram’s team recently was involved in financing part of one of the largest off-shore wind farms in the world, so as we rode by he was able to explain to me a lot about wind energy…and how it is possible to build ginormous wind turbines in the water.

No bikes in this picture, but yesterday was such a beautiful day!

…and speaking of wind turbines, check this out! 

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