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A big step!

September 15, 2011

This is a picture-free post, but I wanted to document it before the weekend. Tomorrow, Bram and I are heading to the notary to sign a mortgage and pick up the keys to our new house! It is a week delayed, as this was supposed to happen last Friday, and we are both super excited.

I remember, over a year ago, before Bram moved to Amsterdam and I was just getting used to the idea of moving to Amsterdam as well. He said, ‘maybe we could buy something’, and I laughed. The idea of owning a home in DC seemed so far away, something I’d have to wait years for. When we started doing the math, owning something in Amsterdam seemed at first feasible, then doable, and now it is being done!

I’ll be honest, I have been reading many, many DIY (do it yourself) websites and blogs over the past few weeks. I’m feeling more creative than ever! Luckily, Bram and I also have similar style/taste so it has been super fun to go to second-hand stores for ideas, look at paint chips, and scour marktplaats (Marketplace, the Dutch quasi-equivalent of craigslist) for items.

The schedule for the weekend:

10am Friday: go to our new house (btw, it is a ‘flat’ not an entire house, but I like saying’house’) with current owners and confirm all is how it should be
11:15am: go to notary, sign papers (I’ll have an interpreter (although everyone speaks english, it is faster and points are made easier operating in Dutch)), get keys =)
Early afternoon: Pick up the sander Bram’s dad lent us and go to the paint store. We have ordered some paint and have samples of three other colors waiting for us
Afternoon: start sanding the wooden panneling in two of the rooms, put the paint samples on the walls where we want them….wait 3-4 hours…make decisions about paint color
(The above activities are sure to move into the evening)

Drink champagne! (or some other sparkling alchoholic alternative)

9am: pick up moving van
10am: take boxes, etc. from current place to new place, unpack some of the boxes (all of our ‘things’ are packed, but our clothes are not, so we’ll need to empty some things in order to pack our clothes later this weekend)
11am: go to paint store and pick up paint colors we want ( we plan to call them on friday to let them know what we have decided)
12pm: pick up futon we found on maarktplaats (this futon will be our bed for the next few weeks until our real bed arrives..and then it will be our guest bedroom couch/bed
12:30: pick up dining room table we purchased
1:00: pick up this awesome, vintage bench we found on maarktplaats
between 3 and 5 pm: wait for dining room chairs to be delivered
continue painting, sanding throughout the day

Sunday…more painting, unpacking, and running around like children in our new home!


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