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Home Work: Part 1

September 22, 2011

Tada! The day before my three month anniversary in Amsterdam, I become a home owner. How on earth did that happen? It is sill pretty surreal, but Bram and I are super happy. Even the fact that we are living out of suitcases and everything is covered in dust doesn’t take away from the fact that we are making a home together. And boy, do we waste no time!

I’m going to start to recap of the past 6 days…

Friday morning, B and I went to our new place with the previous owners and the broker to confirm that the apartment was in fact in the condition we had all agreed upon. It was! Then, in super-typical-Dutch fashion, all five of us rode our bikes to the notary. I thought adorable to have these 5 grown adults, complete with the Broker in his suit chatting on his cell phone, riding along to make a pretty serious transaction.

I had an interpreter translate for me, and we signed away!

The keys!

We had lunch and a bit of champagne on the balcony and then got to work. First stop: the paint store, where we picked up the samples of colors we were going to try out. We already decided on the color for our bed room, but had to choose between three colors of red-berry for the kitchen, three colors of honey/yellow for the living room, and two colors of lavender for the guest bedroom. The paint store we go to is Duller & Co. I highly recommend them! They specialize in eco-friendly paints and had previously explained to us our different choices based on our needs. Most of the paint we are using is water-based with linseed (flax seed) oil as the binding/ adhesion agent.

And we painted the samples…

…in the living room.

…in the kitchen, Bram got a close sniff to see if the natural paint really didn’t smell. It hardly does!

…in the guest room (photo taken after we decided on a color and started painting).

As the samples dried, we got to sanding. There is wooden paneling in the soon-to-be-closet that is an ugly black, as the room has only been used for storage. This needed to be sanded and other walls in the apartment had to be degreased (also done before the samples went up).


On Saturday morning, we went to pick up the rental van. Bram drove (he is the one with a license). It was his first time driving in over a year and first time driving in Amsterdam…and this van is a stick shift (which, being American, is really weird!). We moved most of our boxes, except for clothes that weren’t packed yet, and also picked up a sleeping couch/futon and our dining room table. The sleeping couch is what we have been sleeping on for the past few days. It’s pretty comfy!

Saturday was spent mostly moving and prepping, so not a lot of painting got done. More later!

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