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Home Work: Part 2 – A hailstorm

September 22, 2011

I left off part 1, saying we rented a van, picked up some items and moved. We were feeling good, but slept at our old apartment since all of our clothes were there. Also and Saturday, we made our paint choices and went back to the paint store to get the bulk of our colors, brushes, drop cloths, etc.

Owner of the paint shop, getting ready to mix our paint

Sunday, we were going to start working on the place some more. Also, our contractor who is doing all of the construction on the place came by to take some measurements, so he knew what materials to get. We also had two guys come to take away the previous staircase. It was a beautiful staircase, but since it was custom made for the apartment, we weren’t sure if we’d find anyone who would want it, let alone come and take it. Using, we lucked out. A guy from outside of Amsterdam came along with his brother to take it away, as he’ll be using it to convert a shed into a rental apartment.

Taking apart the staircase

Now what do we do?

Being true Amsterdamers, these guys knew it would best and eventually easiest to take the stairs away but hook and pulley system out the window. I, being the newbie, thought they were all nuts. That thing was heavy! Wouldn’t it be easier if we all just carried it down the stairs? Of course not, Chloe.

Getting ready to hoist the staircase down off the balcony.

Everything was going well. I think the two guys thought I was crazy for snapping so many photos. And then…and then it started raining. And THEN….it started HAILING!

Do you see those pieces of hail?

See those white dots on that towel? Yes, that is hail. In the middle of a warm, sunny, fall day – BAM! hailstorm. Although I haven’t made it to the beach, that beach towel my mom gave me came in super handy!

So we all waited around for a bit, until the storm stopped. About 7 minutes later, blue skies.

Easy does it.Almost there!

Off they go!

So that was that challenge. We also went to the grocery store to do some shopping, which resulted in this:

…Our first quasi-homemade meal in our new home! We bought some quiche and pasta we could heat up in the oven, made a salad and ate on our make-shift table that is the pile of wood in the living room. We sat on our new chairs, too! Against the wall you can catch a glimpse of our dining room table.

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