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At home and homesick

October 3, 2011

No photos for this post, but a quick update.

Our house is coming along nicely. This past week found Bram and I practically every week night painting something, taping something, or moving things around. This past week also found me in my first major feeling of homesickness. In some ways it was strange considering our house was finally becoming a home. In fact, I think my mind had been taxed beyond its limits and missed the feeling of family and friends around to vent to.

One this is for sure, no one can ever tell me I am afraid of change and I think the realization of all that has changed really hit home for me this week. Plus the living out of suitcases and not really feeling comfortable at home because of it added a bit of extra stress. Luckily, Bram was very understanding when I broke down. And then my mom was even more understanding when I called her on skype and immediately starting pouring tears. And then, everything was good again. I think I just needed someone that wasn’t Bram to cry to and get a hug (or virtual skype hug). I also really miss hugs. Americans are just hug-y people and I grew up with hugs galore. I find the three-cheek-kisses thing here endearing, but it in no way takes the place of a hug from a good friend or family member. So, that was that and this is a new week.

The good news is, this weekend we got a lot of work done. Ton, guy doing the major construction, finished laying the flooring in the guest room and also the kitchen! This meant that we moved our futon into the guest room and slept there, rather than in the living room. This small shift alone made me sleep better, as we weren’t surrounded by suitcases at our heads. Also, Bram’s parents came with a couch, chairs, and various other pieces of furniture they’ve had in storage. We now have this small brown cabinet from Bram’s great grandfather, a desk from his grandfather, and a beautiful mirror from his grandmother. So, now that we can move things around, on Sunday the apartment really started to feel cozy.

The timing was okay, as Bram yesterday left for a two-week long work training session with the rest of the trainees in his program from around the world. I’m planning on getting more of the house completed during this time, although, I’ll have to fit that in with my social plans 🙂

Tonight, I’m going to dinner at a friend’s house, Tuesday is Dutch class, Wednesday is a NL Sandox meetup, Thursday is dinner with another friend, Saturday morning a bike ride with the Cyclodamers, and Sunday I’m going to an India cooking workshop. So, I’ll be keeping myself busy! Also, I have to pick up the slack in my exercise routine (I’ve been a super slacker lately) since I’m running the Amsterdam half-marathon in two weeks from yesterday. Phew!

This week, I plan to share photos of our house, in its mostly finished form. I can’t wait!


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  1. Adrienne permalink
    November 20, 2011 10:56 PM

    When I make it over there for a visit, I’m going to give you the biggest hug ever!

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