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I’m a Dutch resident!

October 3, 2011

A quick comparison of Dutch vs. American government bureaucracy….the Dutch win hands down. Not only was my ability to file for residency fairly painless (it helps to have a partner sponsoring you who is Dutch) (it also helps that I am an American), although not cheap, all of the appointments and meetings I had to set up happened right on time. No waiting forever at the DMV here. Also, it turns out, the Dutch like to give themselves a big window so that they always over deliver. This has happened with internet and with my residency. The internet company told us it could take between 3-5 weeks to get internet installed. Are you f*&%ing kidding me? Yes, they are! A week after we ordered a box had arrived with modem, etc. so we could install the internet. I don’t know if that is part of their strategy (make you really angry so that you can only become happier with their service), but if it is, it worked.

Also, my Dutch residency could have taken between 3-6 months to arrive. On Friday, when Bram and I were at our old apartment getting the final items and doing a walk through with the owner and other roommates, a letter was waiting for me stating my residency had been approved and I just needed to go pick up the card. Hooray! This took less than 3 months, which seems to be pretty fast. So far I have not met another expat/immigrant who has had to apply like I have. Most other people I know are here for work or for school, so it has been a learning experience.

Now, when I travel back to the US later this month, I’ll be telling customs that I reside in the Netherlands. It’s official!

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