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Recent workshops and confirmations

September 27, 2012

Last weekend, I attended a workshop hosted by the Urban Herbology group and City Plot. The Urban Herbology group is an informal group on meetup that is run by two women who are trained herbologists and focus on the benefits of harvesting and using wild plants. My first experience with them was on an herb walk through one of the parks in Amsterdam and I was amazed at how much in the parks have medicinal properties. The also go into the safety and ethics of it and suggest not picking plants near toxic areas, etc.

This weekend, they and City Plot hosted a seed collection workshop from edible plants (basic and non-basic foods in your home) combined with making a tincture of burrdock seeds. It was a lot of fun learning about how to harvest seeds from your garden, dry them and save them for next year. The benefits of using seeds in this way are many: it promotes biodiversity, saves money, among others. The tincture we made of burdock seed also has many uses. It helps keep you warm, cleans out the liver, and also promotes energy, and more. In addition to the tincture we also learning how to look for public areas in which to grow wild plants that you can harvest at at later time (we also learned what to be careful about).
I could talk about what we learned all day. It was good for me to be in contact with another organization in the urban gardening space. City Plot exists to help people living in cities plant food, gardens, balcony gardens, compost, etc. They are having a workshop soon on worm bins. It is exciting to see so much activity in this space. It also proves that there is a demand from the community for these types of projects.
Next steps: set up a meeting with City Plot to learn what I can from their experience.

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